PBSI Group - Protection Relays

Vision Relay Range

The Vision range of relays is a comprehensive range of Intelligent Protection & Control products designed to meet the requirements for electrical protection and automation of switchgear for the industrial and utility sectors.

Predominantly used in high specification oil, gas and petrochemical environments. The entire Vision family provides a common and consistent platform compatible for both low voltage and medium voltage switchgear.



Vision provides switchgear companies and end users with a cost effective, reliable and complete solution for protective relaying or intelligent protection and control applications.

Utilising a common hardware and software platform which is developed, designed and entirely manufactured at our relay production factory in Manchester.



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Key Features:

  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive range of relays for Motor, Feeder, Transformer & Generator applications
  • Designed for long life use in harsh, high temperature environments
  • Common and Cost-Effective relaying for both LV and MV applications


  • 2 case styles: drawout and non drawout
  • Mil and automotive spec components
  • PCB layouts designed for optimal heat dissapation
  • Isolated inputs and outputs
  • Flexible and scalable, single to multifunction programmable protection settings
  • Cohesive family of relays for large protection scheme design
  • High IP rating of both non-drawout and withdrawable protection relays
  • Structually robust design with high immunity to transients and emc


  • Quality system designed to provide continuous improvement for the product life cycle
  • Manufactured in the UK using in-house, design, development, production and test resources
  • Customer focussed product development and support

Graphical Display:

Fundamental to the Vision range is the use of our intuitive and clear LCD interface. A 50mm Graphical LCD is used for the majority of products within the din-cased Vision range and a larger 72mm Graphical LCD is used for both the 150 and 200 series drawout protection and control relays. The 2 line display is used for physically smaller and protection-only relays.

  • Clear & Intuitive LCD display and menu structure
  • 50mm or 72mm Graphical LCD
  • Fixed or Programmable LED indictors
  • Access & program ALL parameters, view measured and recorded data
  • Automatic backlight power save & programmable screen saver

The sensible menu structure has the ability to display multiple data and parameter settings simultaneously. During a motor start the inrush current characteristic is displayed and stored for allow for comparison to a previously saved start.

The menu structure is easy to follow and once familiar then that knowledge and expertise can be applied to any other device within the range.


Serial Communication:

All Vision relays are equipped with a mini USB front programming port to allow data interrogation, programming and control.

As standard, relays are also equipped with a rear accessed RS485 port and in most instances the relay behaves as a slave device to the host system (master) and connection is normally made through shielded twisted pair cable.

In recent years communication topology has played a much larger part in defining the project and equipment specifications. The Vision range provides the flexibility to allow switchgear manufacturers and system integrators to successfully meet such requirements however complex.

Upon request, we can supply most of our relays with the following protocols:

  • P&B Network Gold (P&B Standard)
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Profibus DP
  • Profibus DPV1
  • DNP3
  • IEC 61850

Disturbance Recording:

The optional disturbance recording feature of the Vision series has the ability to record all measured analogue channels and the logic status of one assignable relay output and one digital input, with a maximum of eight seconds recording time at a sampling rate of 1ms.


  • Capture upto 8 seconds of current and voltage disturbances
  • View, Scroll and Zoom onscreen without any external equipment
  • Extract recorded traces in Comtrade for further anaylsis

The recording period can be weighted pre and post fault condition with the ability to select from one of  four triggering events.

The relays powerful graphical LCD can display recorded traces on screen without the need for any external equipment. The on screen oscillograph viewing has both zoom and scroll.

The front mounted USB port allows the captured traces to be extracted in standard Comtrade format for further analysis.



If you require assistance in specifying which Vision device is suitable for your application, please contact us.