PBSI Group - Switchgear

Services, Installation, Refurbishment

We are able to offer onsite services ranging from circuit breaker repairs, circuit breaker installation, through to removal and re-installation of HV switchboards, including full commissioning tests.

Some recent examples of projects have included complete overhaul and replacement of MV busbars in situ after major damage due to heavy current flashover in 11kV English Electric switchgear.

Removal, installation and commissioning of HV and MV CTs in a major coal fired power station.

Design and installation of key interlocking systems.

We have recently disconnected and removed English Electric E7 switchgear from one power station, then re-connected it after complete refurbishment, to provide extended switchboards at another station.

We can provide site audits of switchgear and protection and we have extensive experience of upgrading protection systems by installing new relays for change of use or modernisation/upgrade of protection and control systems.