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About P&B Switchgear

P&B Switchgear are markets leaders having designed and developed a range of retrofit medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers to replace ageing air break and oil break equipment.

► P&B Switchgear brochure 2011


In 1991 P&B Switchgear installed their first retrofit breaker to replace ageing 11kV air break equipment at a UK coal fired power station without having to replace the main fixed part of the switchgear, which is usually good for many years further service.

Since then, we have become a market leader by designing, type testing and introducing many medium voltage vacuum breaker designs. These are used to retrofit and replace air and oil break circuit breakers manufactured by a range of UK suppliers, the vast majority of these now being famous names consigned to history.

We have built up a portfolio of products based on a high level of engineering expertise and significant investment running into hundreds of thousands of pounds on type testing, to ensure P&B Switchgear designs are fully proven for the ratings we offer.

In recent years we have used this expertise to introduce our in house designed range of 12kV indoor, metalclad, withdrawable, air insulated vacuum breaker switchgear, Zeus.

We are also proud to have been chosen by Hawker Siddeley Switchgear to become a sole licensee to manufacture the complete range of their withdrawable cassette type of vacuum switchgear, the Hawkvac15.

Our products are designed and manufactured within a quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2008.