PBSI Group - Technical Services

About P&B Technical Services

P&B Technical Services is headed by a team of Chartered Engineers all with long experience in their field. We provide full electrical power system technical consultancy and support for a diverse range of Civil, Industrial and Utility  applications.

Utilising the latest computer software to model both existing and proposed power systems. Load flow, transient stability, short circuit fault level and protection co-ordination studies can be carried out.

Protection Co-ordination Studies can be undertaken to prove the relay settings selection and the adequacy of the protection grading with other protective devices on the system.

Load flow Studies can be carried out to establish Volt drop and Power flows.

Short Circuit Studies can be done to confirm switchgear ratings and Protection Studies can be undertaken to prove co-ordination.

Harmonics and Transient Stability Studies
can also be undertaken for islanding and parallel connection of generators.

Site Audits
of various electrical equipment and parameters can also be carried out and reported on.