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P&B's range of Earthing Equipment has been designed and developed to provide portable earthing on outdoor high voltage substations, overhead transmission lines and distribution lines during maintenance or erection.

They have been designed to provide safe and secure clamping where connections are to be made to dirty or heavily oxidised copper/aluminium busbars, stubs or stranded conductors. The clamps, operating poles, sockets and cables have safely withstood their respective mechanical type tests and short time current type tests as specified in relevant standards.

P&B Weir Product Range Includes:

P&B Weir Electrical design, manufacture and supply a broad range of Portable Earthing Equipment including, Earth End Clamps, Line End Clamps, Operating Poles, Operating Sockets, Pole Heads, Flexible Cable assemblies, Tree Pruning equipment, General Purpose Earthing Clamps and Carrying Bags.

Our Product Categories within the Earthing Range are:

Distribution Line Earthing

The Distribution Line Range of portable earthing equipment is suitable for temporary earthing of conductors within the range of 11kV to 66kV.





Substation Earthing

The range of substation portable earthing equipment is suitable for temporary earthing within the range of conductors 66kV to 400kV.





Transmission Line Earthing

 The Transmission Line range of portable earthing is suitable for  temporary earthing of conductors within the ranges of 132kV,275kV and 400kV.






Link Box Earting Kit

The Link Box (Switching Point) Earthing Kits are available for a range of designs.






General Purpose Earthing: Our range of earthing equipment is designed, developed and tested to meet ENA technical specification 41/21. We supply a large range of products including Earth end clamps, Line end clamps, Earthing leads, Operating sockets, Operating poles, earth rods and more- contact us for more information. 




If you require specific information on any of our products, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at  weir@pbsigroup.com and we will get back to you, or call us today on +44 (0)1225 811449.