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Beacon Voltage Detector


The Beacon has visible and audible detection, the units are simple to use and incorporates a self-test facility. The Beacon voltage detector is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The unit is a capacitive type instrument and does not require a downlead, thus greatly reducing the risk to the operator caused where fault potential can be grounded.

The Beacon is a lightweight tool available with detection ranges of 5-12kV and 10-36kV. The detector is housed in a durable moulded assembly with the sounder, indication LEDs, range selector, power and test buttons easily accessible and visible during operation on the fascia panel.

The unit is complete with contact probe and pole fitting within a durable transportation case. Each unit is supplied with a standard castellated fitting suitable for use with compatible pole heads. Additionally the unit is supplied with a long reach tapered type socket fitting for use with the DLE clamp operating pole heads as well as a ‘Y’ type contact probe.

The product range includes:

  • EFV-17200            Operating voltage 5-12kV              Threshold voltage 1.2 – 2.25kV
  • EFV-17201            Operating voltage 10-36kV            Threshold voltage 3.6 – 4.5kV

Key Features

  • Visible and audible detection
  • Fit to standard operating pole heads
  • Built in test facility
  • Battery operated
  • Ruggedised construction
  • Dual voltage range
  • Twin LED indication
  • Lightweight / easy to use

Design Specifications

  • BSEN 16243-1
  • EN 61326-1
  • CIS PR11
  • IEC 61000-4-2


Beacon Voltage Detector Leaflet

Voltage Detector Type DS/MS/VA


The Voltage Detector Type DS/MS/VA comprises of five main components, each rated to suit the specific application as follows:

  • Contact:To establish contact with the live conductor. Available as either mushroom pointer or 'Y' contact to suit the application.
  • Extension: Manufactured and tested to suit the application voltage and provide calibrated capacitance to operate the detector. Four types of extension are available, to suit the specific application voltage range. These may be attached in line to the main body or at an angle using an adaptor.
  • Adaptor: Two types of adaptor are available, these connect the extension to the main body of the detector. A 90 adaptor is available for applications where it is preferential to stand directly below the point of contact with the extension at right angles to the main body, allowing a clear view of the application to the conductor/busbar. Alternatively a 60 adaptor is also available at an inclined angle perpendicular to the conductor/busbar, to improve visibility of the detector. For applications where a direct (in-line) application is preferred e.g. inside a cabinet with restricted access, the extension can be directly screwed into the main body omitting the adaptor.
  • Main Body: Houses the voltage detector.
  • Handle: Provides suitable insultation from the voltage being tested and also provides storage for the main body when not in use. Two types of handle are available to suit the operating voltage.

Product Benefits:

  • Robust construction
  • Lightweight
  • Full range of accessories
  • Audible and Visual Warning
  • 3.3kV, 5-12kV and 10-35kV operating ranges available
  • Fully interchangeable component design
  • Insulation tested
  • Main Body stowage within insulated handle  



                            DS/MS/VA Voltage Detector Leaflet          

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